EMON's wonderful world of chocolates and candies

The World of Emon!

Earthmon, commonly known as Emon, was created for the sole purpose of assisting in educating schools, daycares, and various organizations in the art of fundraising, while maintaining a fun and creative atmosphere.EMON-Left

Emon will help guide your organization in determining which brochures or easy seller candies are the most fun to sell while achieving maximum efforts for the school or organization. Emon achieves his goals by utilizing the sale of our World Class Chocolates, Novelty, and Specialty Items.

Emon will not be satisfied until each of our customers are successfully coupled with one of our exciting brochures or our superb selection of Easy Seller Candies.

Emon's sole responsibility is to help all of our partners in education with their fundraising needs and ensure that each organization has a successful fundraiser. So, welcome to the wonderful world of Emon's Chocolate Candies!Experience The Thrill of a World Class Fundraiser!

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